Governors Delete the First Amendment: Will You Help Us, President Trump?

“Facebook shuts down anti-quarantine protests at states’ request” [story here]

And: “Mark Zuckerberg: Lockdown Protests Are ‘Misinformation,’ Facebook Will Ban Organizers” [story here]

The governments of various states are essentially ordering Facebook not to post anything about anti-lockdown protests, because the governors consider these protests illegal. That’s the key here: Governments shut down businesses indefinitely because there’s a virus. They say those businesses can’t be open again until they say so — even never, if that’s what they say. As an extension of that utterly false and vicious premise, they logically extend the claim by saying, “Well you can’t protest, either. You can’t TALK about protesting either.”

Facebook is a private company and people can go elsewhere to talk about protests they want to have. Yes, Facebook is on the side of Democratic leftist dictators and tyrants. But that’s not news. That isn’t the main point. The main point is: The governors of various states have now declared their states a dictatorship. The First Amendment no longer applies in those states. Nor does the right to protest. If you peaceably assemble in one of these states, you will be treated as a lawbreaker. In short, as a political criminal. These state governments can keep businesses shut down indefinitely (even permanently, theoretically) and nobody can say or do anything about it. All they have to say is, “Sorry, folks. No vaccine yet. Plus there could be another virus. No commerce or Bill of Rights until we say so.”

If mass numbers of people leave Facebook and start their own social media with the help of a liberty-loving investor, the governments of places like Washington state and Michigan will order their citizens arrested for planning protests on this new platform. If this is applied with any consistency, that’s what will happen. And the precedent has been established.

If that isn’t a dictatorship, what is?

President Trump: Are you going to help us out against these dictators in half (or more) of our states?


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