A Democratic President Would Crush the Anti-Lockdown Movement

“Coronavirus lockdown protests expand to 20 states as economic woes mount” [story here]

If we had a Democratic President right now, these protests would be crushed by the federal government. You would see tanks and military forces. Thankfully President Trump will not do that. But governors, even some Republican ones, will not permit the restoration of business in the foreseeable future. Where is this all supposed to end? It’s incredibly irrational. How do these state governments expect to get their taxes? How is the federal government to get its taxes with 50 or 60 or 75 percent of GDP going away?

Unemployment is projected to reach 35 percent at a minimum. And that’s if the Bill of Rights is restored in May or June. It will make the Great Depression look like nothing after summer. How can they be so indifferent to the plight of millions? How do they think the federal government can replenish everyone’s income WHEN NOBODY IS MAKING MONEY TO PAY TAXES? What about the people sick with this virus, the great majority who will recover? What the hell will they go back to?



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