Coronavirus Is Now Political for Sure

Georgia and Tennessee are reopening. South Carolina too. Surely only red states will reopen, at first. But as more and more of them do, will this put pressure on leftist states to do the same? Imagine. It will start getting warmer everywhere. Will people start crossing state lines to get their hair cut, to buy clothes, to eat out, or to go to the dentist? Will the blue state governors force people NOT to leave their state? Like Communist rulers used to do. Will leftist-run New York, California, Delaware, Maryland, Michigan or Virginia jail you as a “defector” if you leave your home prison?

Is it possible leftist tyrants really hate Trump — and freedom — that much? I say yes. But it’s impossible to predict for sure. Two things are certain. One, coronavirus is now political. Two, it will get very interesting. Will Facebook let us even talk about it?



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