Thoughts on the Leftist Lockdown

The following was sent to me by a reader:

Dr. Hurd: Here’s my conversation. It involved talking sense with a gay guy, a Democrat businessman who is frustrated … but willing to listen

His email expressed fear over the virus and also for the survival of his business. I responded thusly:

“Be careful what you believe about this virus thing. It’s being blown way out of proportion in order to put small businesses (like yourself) out of business and damage the economy. Think critically and don’t shoot yourself in the foot by buying into reports and numbers (the majority of which have been proven wrong) that you don’t question and verify from other sources. What you have there is way too good to allow business-hating people to destroy!”

He asked if I had heard things about his particular business – hadn’t quite gotten my point yet. This is how I responded:

“No… nothing bad about you at all! It’s businesses in general. There are some out there who will promote fear and false information to hurt our economy and if you and other small businesses are destroyed they don’t care. Beware of those who push “lockdown for a year!” and the like… they are your enemies, NOT you friends… pushing their political agenda and hurting you and millions of others in the process. Trust me on this. The GREAT majority of small business owners around here – both big and small – know this.”

He then admitted that he suspected that.

I replied: “Indeed! There’s a LOT of anti-business sentiment around here and this is one of their tactics. Of course we still need to be careful, maintain reasonable distance, wash hands, etc. but putting millions out of business for entirely political reasons is NOT the answer.”

He admitted yet again that he was seeing a lot of this leftist/Democratic anti-business sentiment among his friends. I did not want to use the word leftist or Democrat, but I answered him:

I said: “Oh you have no idea. And many of them think that you will fall into lockstep with them just because you’re gay. That’s BS. Don’t fall for it. You’d be surprised if you knew how many local small business owners affected by the lockdown – even the gay ones – know this and see this socialist crap for what it is. Think critically and question everything… ESPECIALLY what your TV tells you to think! It’s your business that’s at stake.”

He agreed wholeheartedly and asked about the length of the closure and wondered if he could survive it. This is what I said:

“Watch carefully when the President starts pushing for restaurants & businesses to open May 1/mid-May… the people and entities who scream and protest ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. They don’t give a damn about your business and your livelihood. It’s all about their political agenda and they don’t care if you and millions of others are collateral damage.”


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