Hysterical Fear: Killing Our Liberty and Our Souls

Here’s a question for millions of Americans glued to CNN and living in mortal terror.

At WHAT point do you want to go back out? What would it take to convince you to go to a movie, or to the grocery store without a gas mask, or to take a walk on the beach? Or go to a retail store? Or let your children go back to school, or see their friends? Forget the government here. When are you WILLING to do any of these things?

You are unwilling to do any of these things right now because physicians you consider to be in a place of authority told you it would kill you, as well as kill other people. At first they said stay inside for several weeks. Then several months. Now these same authorities are saying it will be longer than that — how long is not known. Certainly through the summer and maybe into the fall school year. Bill Gates says 10 more months, at least. Obamacare’s architect, a top aide to Barack Obama when he was President, says it will be years.

THESE are the people you chose to believe when you opted to give up living for a couple of months. Will you continue to believe them beyond that time? Or maybe even forever? If not — if you actually find this indefinite state of house arrest intolerable — then what objective criteria do you plan to use, in place of these people you have considered undisputed authorities, up to now? How will you know it’s time to go back outdoors?

And what about the next virus? How will you know it’s safe to go out when there could be another virus looming? Even when (and if) a vaccine exists for this virus — something that will take years, at best?

Our freedom and Bill of Rights do us no good if millions of people remain too petrified and paralyzed to embrace them. THAT’S the biggest issue.


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