Why Governments Don’t Have the RIGHT To Open or Shut Down Commerce

Morally, legally and Constitutionally, neither the President nor any of the Governors have a RIGHT to reopen businesses. Why not? Because they didn’t have the right to shut them down in the first place.

When Governors and mayors “reopen” businesses — if they do — they are simply restoring the rights and liberties we always had, and never should have been denied.

It was, of course, the right of businesses to make their own decisions about what to do. Many of them would have undoubtedly closed, at least for a few days or even several weeks, and many customers would have stayed away regardless. That’s what being a FREE country means.

The media makes a lot of our decisions for us, with our passive consent. However, the media is 90 percent politically driven (Democratic, leftist); only accurate about one-third of the time (at best); and 100 percent emotionalist rather than rational (the precise opposite of journalism OR science). We would do better than listen to these news networks who are literally bringing down civilization.

If we had more reliable data, it would have been easier to know what to do. What we DO know is that the models we have followed — those of the supposedly infallible CDC — have been wrong all along, and continuously revised. The CDC admits daily, at the White House press conferences, that they are constantly updating their models because their models are WRONG. The WHO — the international version of the CDC — was nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Communist Chinese government, as we now know.

We don’t know what the truth about anything is, because the government authorities in charge of this mess (Dr. Fauci and company) are not competent, do not have good data, and are not honest. Independent scientific authorities outside of the government establishment would have potentially served us all better. But most of us are locked into this false idea that if the government tells us something, it MUST be true. And that if it’s not the government telling us, we can’t trust it.

And how well has that worked out? Thousands are dead who would have been dead anyway, sadly. The CDC did NOTHING to prevent that and nothing to stop people from getting sick. The economy is set to have 34 percent unemployment by the end of April, and a 40-50 percent contraction in the GDP. With no end in sight if Democrats and leftists get their way.

We cannot keep making these errors. It will literally destroy us.


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