President Trump: More Than Ever, the Last Firewall Against Dictatorship

President Trump remains our ONLY firewall, standing between us and a dictatorship. Things have reached a point that people will have to EXERT EFFORT to avoid a dictatorship. Because if the economy does not rebound — and quickly — then the excuse will be there to institute, first, a benevolent dictatorship (“let’s make the stimulus permanent, and triple the spending, and while we’re at it nationalize the Internet so service can be free, forgive student debt and make health care an immediate right for all”); and then, as dictatorships always do in the end, take away our guns and our freedom of speech. At that point — only if the economy totally collapses — then Trump — who does not want a dictatorship — will either be irrelevant or out of office. Elections will be cancelled too, once we have a Democrat in office. It doesn’t matter who it is. Biden will do fine, because he seems affable, and the DNC can pull the strings and later put in Hillary, Michelle O, Cuomo or whomever they prefer. It’s not impossible. It’s not inevitable, but it’s not impossible, either.

Look where we are at this moment. Statist Democrats and others are testing the boundaries. So far, the citizens are showing they will take ANYTHING. OK, maybe it’s just temporary to fight a virus. But Governors, mayors, government doctors, Democrats in particular, will push and if we the people don’t push back at some point, even a little, we will have sent the message that we’re too afraid or indifferent for anything other than an outright dictatorship. It’s not outlandish to speculate this way, because our economy is in dire danger, no matter how much you think social distancing has been justified. Many of the elites — such as Obama’s former aide, the architect of Obamacare — have said we must continue on as we are now — restaurants, stores, business all closed — for at least another 1-2 years. At least. He is basically calling for a dictatorship without using the word. This is Obama’s aide — not Bernie Sanders’ aide; and Obama, we’re now told, is the “moderate”.


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