The Biggest Social Psychology Experiment in Human History

“The economic task force — which will be separate from the main coronavirus task force, despite having some overlapping members — will focus on how to reopen the country, as well as what businesses need to rebound amid catastrophic conditions. The goal is to get as much of the country as possible open by April 30, the current deadline Trump set for stringent social distancing measures.” [Source: MSN]

Encouraging. I know President Trump wants the right thing. But watch how Governors and mayors react, especially leftist ones (i.e., most of them.) They LIKE all this power and having people under their control. Watch how the media reacts. The media LIKES people at home all day, petrified and watching the news almost non-stop.

Most important of all: How will PEOPLE react? By April 30, will most Americans have had enough, and share President Trump’s goal of going back to civilization as we knew it? Or will too many still be afraid — listening to a relentlessly negative media — and perhaps a bit lazy with the unemployment checks? Also: How many businesses will have permanently closed by that time, or be unable to take all their employees back?

It will be a fascinating social psychology experiment. One upon which the future of civilization literally depends.

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