The Tea Party Still Gets It Right

Tea Party Patriots (remember them?) beg President Trump to support restoration of America’s Bill of Rights (remember that?)

Here’s their statement:

“For weeks now, our nation has followed the advice of the medical experts. Like you, Vice President Pence, and the Coronavirus Task Force, we want to help slow the spread of the virus to increase hospital capacity and to reduce the number of lives lost from this deadly disease. We have made sacrifices so that families across this country can avoid the most severe emotional toll, the loss of a loved one. To that end, we have sheltered-in-place, shuttered businesses, closed churches, and thrown millions of our fellow citizens out of their jobs. As an unfortunate result of this deadly disease, we have denied Americans the dignity of their work and caused them and their families another kind of emotional and physical hardship – not knowing from where their next paycheck would come.”



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