If Barack Obama Were President During Coronavirus

If this man were still President, the media would not be in a frenzy. He would have the unconditional and unwavering support of the political, corporate donor and academic class. The economy would likely NOT be shut down, and panic wouldn’t be the cool patriotic virtue it has now become. I think there’s a lesson in all this our rulers and celebrities want us to retain: Elect someone we don’t like? Then you will pay.

I’m not suggesting the release of the coronavirus was a left-wing conspiracy. There’s no evidence for that. I have no doubt there are people evil enough on the Democratic/leftist side to permit such a thing (most of them, in fact), but I would need the evidence that a virus was actually unleashed. What I do know for a FACT is that the media and the rest of the “establishment” would not have responded the same way to this crisis if Obama or another Democrat were president. They would have spread a very different narrative — whatever would suit their power. They want this to be a panic narrative because (1) they figure it can only hurt Trump, who was headed for a likely reelection victory and re-taking of Congress before this; and (2) they figured (correctly) they could manipulate Trump into supporting a shutdown of the entire economy, at least for a time. (Through April 30, for sure.)


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