Unprecedented Power for Governments Using the Coronavirus Excuse

“Most people accept that governments do have the power to impose quarantines. But that power is not absolute and it is not a blank check that allows them to issue whatever other rules and commands that may pop into their heads. Those like de Blasio and Lightfoot and the people on the Howard County Board of Commissioners appear to be acting not according to a concern for public health but according to their fetish for control.

The really worrisome thing is that so many citizens of this country seem to be accepting this state of affairs without question. Indeed, those who question it are liable to be shouted down by the unquestioning. I suppose the latter camp believes the government will kindly relinquish its dictatorial powers once this crisis is at an end. But history reveals them as gullible fools. Governments never give up power once attained. They only seek to normalize it and bide their time until even the questioning get used to it.” — Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire [full article here]



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