A Lone Voice of Reason from an Infectious Disease Expert

We’re not exactly living in the Age of Reason right now. However, here’s a sensible and scientific perspective from an actual infectious disease expert. It’s the first medical perspective I have read where the physician actually recognizes the BIOLOGICAL and HEALTH impact of psychological factors such as economic loss, prolonged work deprivation and the emotional impact of prolonged isolation and lockdowns. He also offers a reasonable plan that recognizes the reality of the health issue without forcing human beings to commit suicide. I wish this could make it to President Trump’s health task force.

Here’s a sample: “Stopping people from working is like depriving a limb of blood flow. Though action is sometimes necessary in an emergency, irreparable and irreversible harm will occur if it is prolonged. A prolonged freeze of the economy — even in the face of a deadly pandemic — will cause a long-term damage far greater than any purported benefit.”

Read the rest of the article HERE.