Why is Socialism Suddenly OK in a Crisis?

During normal times, people fight about whether we need more government programs. One side says leave it to the private or voluntary sector, while the other side says we must do it through government. In a crisis, both sides suddenly agree: only government can save us. So now we have all these small business grants and massive unemployment programs. How efficient will they be? Remember Obamacare when it was launched? How the healthcare.gov website collapsed, over and over? This is how government works — or doesn’t work. Does anyone seriously expect it to be any better now? I have already heard complaints about people attempting to get emergency loans through the small business program. And then people who are self-employed can’t claim unemployment the same way people employed by companies can. We’re left out in the cold, but are still expected to pay our taxes. I still support President Trump over the alternative, of course. He has a brain, he’s rational and he doesn’t want a permanently socialist state to run our lives. But the fact remains: Socialism will not work any better in a crisis than it does during normal times. In fact, it will probably work even less.


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