Move Over, Dr. Fauci

Move over, Dr. Fauci. President Trump has found a doctor who goes on evidence more than politics.

“So, when people start talking about 20% of a population getting infected,” Dr. Deborah Birx later added. “It’s very scary, but we don’t have data that matches that based on the experience.”

Birx then unloaded on the media for its claims that there were few, if any, ventilators in New York and that doctors may have to soon make decisions about who lives and who dies.

Read more about Dr. Birx and her comments HERE.

Also, check out this article on the economic state of China as it climbs out of the coronavirus panic.

It’s more good news than bad. China has turned a corner and is bouncing back economically. That could be the US in another month or two. However, they are experiencing understandable things like demand shock. Best case, it seems we are in for a bumpy ride. But it need not be a catastrophe unless we listen to a media and a controlling political class who want it so.


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