(Not So) Deep Down, Democrats Wants Lockdown at Least Until November

If you’re a Democrat, you want the shutdowns to extend until Election Day. Be honest. A downturn in the economy is worth it to get rid of President Trump, in your mind.

If you are a Communist, as more Democrats are than ever before, you want a government-run state forever. We are currently in your paradise, with everyone dependent on government handouts and profits at a complete stop. You want that to go on forever.

President Trump is a lone voice of reason right now. He says he WANTS the economy to start up again in a couple of weeks. For this, he is savagely spat upon by the entire media and virtually all state government and health officials.

In a democracy, the people will have the final say. If the people remain afraid, then we are in for a prolonged economic depression like our nation has never seen.

It’s a simple economic fact: You cannot run your life on fear. It’s a psychological fact too. I see mentally troubled or mentally ill people every day, in my professional work. I have for 32 years. When you live your life based solely on fear — distorted and exaggerated fear at that, thanks to our morbidly corrupt media — then you’re headed for big trouble.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so. But unless people get their minds and psyches together, they will not embrace liberty ever again. That would truly be a tragedy.


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