How Are Lockdowns Working Out?

So far, things are going as expected. The number of coronavirus cases are going up. The officials express panic, and blame the public. They state or imply that more controls are coming. These added controls will place MORE restrictions on the people who ALREADY follow the existing restrictions. These additional restrictions will do nothing to alter the behavior of those who already defy existing restrictions; people — in many cases — who exercise no rationality or common sense in or out of a crisis.

We will be shamed and lectured for failing to follow rules we’re already following. We’ll be told we are SELFISH and therefore bad if we question anything. In reality, it’s the people who lack any sense of self-preservation who are creating the problem. To add insult to injury, the Governors and others who lecture us for being “selfish” care more about their own poll numbers and preservation/expansion of power than they care about anything or anyone else. Nor are they held accountable for the fact that their own controls and lectures are not working — and are, in fact, failing, by the very numbers they give us.

What a mess. In a democracy, it’s all of our own creation. We can only claim to be victims so much. We ASK for this every time we refuse to speak out against it. Or even question it.


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