Reporters: Scolding Schoolmarms, Morbidly Corrupt

Have you noticed the scolding tone of reporters at these daily Trump-Pence press conferences on coronavirus? Listen to the way they ask questions. It reeks of the unspoken but unmistakably present attitude of, “Why aren’t you doing more? Why haven’t you fixed this problem?”

Most journalists are incapable of achieving anything honest or independent. They’re dissatisfied with merely being secretaries who record what others say; yet it’s all they’re capable of, which is why they got into journalism in the first place. They are overrated, loathsome schoolmarms disguised as protectors of civilization.

The utter collapse of reason and objectivity in the coronavirus panic is showing their morbid and corrupt obsession with destroying the very truth they claim to represent. Decent and truth-loving people have HAD it with our media.


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