Democrats Do Not WANT a Middle Class

The Democrats are unimaginably evil. According to them, trillions of dollars in redistribution of income (plus more debt) will salvage the economy. No, it won’t. Only finding a cure or treatment for coronavirus will — along with responding to the problem more rationally than we have. Trillions of dollars of freebies will dry up in about … 2 days. What then?

Democrats are wrong, as are the Republicans in this instance. However, Republicans in this instance are doing exactly what Democrats want: giving away freebies, rather than tax vacations and regulation breaks for employers and small businesses. And how do Democrats respond? “No. It’s not good enough.” They BELIEVE these policies are needed to save the economy. And yet they’ll sacrifice the country in order to hand President Trump a defeat. That’s how evil they are.

Having said that, this may be a blessing in disguise. If we stop kidding ourselves that temporary socialism is the answer and start focusing on the only solution to this crisis — relaxation of government, rather than ever more government — nothing good will happen.

Remember: These sociopaths — Peloisi, Schumer — and their party do not want a middle class. These are the same people who want open borders to hook immigrants immediately and permanently on the poverty of the welfare state. These are the same people who want to preserve and expand the underclass of the cities, where generations of families remain stuck on welfare, impoverished single parenthood, violence and drugs.

They want to preserve their elite, wealthy class — inhabited by wealthy Democrats like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, virtually all of Hollywood, and of course themselves — and then have the middle class turn into the underclass. They are fine with wealth, so long as it’s confined to their small, politically connected group. Think of the blank stare of Hunter Biden — that’s their idea of proper wealth. Wealth via connection, not actual achievement. If actual achievers like Bill Gates join their party — well, all the better. Welcome to the club, so long as you follow their rules.

This goes way beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s derangement, but it’s also destruction and evil. An international pandemic may be no time for politics. But evil people are always political, because power is all they care about. They are exploiting this present crisis to overthrow Donald Trump and then secure the power they feel entitled to hold forever. In practice, this will mean the decline and ultimately the end of the middle class, as most of us end up waiting in line for a lot more than pitiful government checks and toilet paper.

If we don’t throw ALL of them out of office asap, then America will be destroyed by them if not by coronavirus. Vote wisely, while you still can.


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