President Trump Exhibits Sanity

Here is some very, very good news in the midst of everything:

“President Trump on Sunday night said that the government would reassess the recommended period for keeping businesses shut and millions of workers at home after this week, amid millions of job losses caused by the efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.” [from MSN]

The President Trump we elected is reemerging. I’m not saying he was gone; he has been managing a horrific crisis (partly medical, mostly economic) with nothing but hostility from all the institutions in our culture. We cannot begin to imagine the irrationality and hatred he is up against. His stamina is heroic.

But I was counting on this Donald Trump to reemerge, and it’s already happening.

It’s good news because Dr. Fauci and many of our hysterical, tyrannical Governors will not be in charge of our destinies forever. SOMEBODY very high up is still rational, and isn’t indifferent to turning America literally into an open-ended socialistic prison camp. Trump’s posing the by now radical idea that while containing the virus is a perfectly reasonable goal, NOT AT ANY COST. And not forever.

I am not optimistic that Governors will go along with this, but it still matters that at the top of our government there’s a very important voice of reason.

And now that the Democrats have once again showed who they really are, they have taken away any incentive for the President to work with them. Thank goodness.

In his press conference yesterday evening, President Trump repeatedly talked about how America would soon be open for business again. He said the cure can’t become worse than the disease. Not surprisingly, he gets it. You don’t help the sick by making life impossible for the well. Most of the sick will get well. Democrats and leftists LOVE pain, suffering and the opportunity to virtue-signal their supposed love of self-sacrifice. President Trump is a true American, in that he rejects these things. Many of us live in states with Governors who don’t like happiness, prosperity or freedom. We may have a fight on our hands as these lockdowns drag on.



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