She Can’t Be Serious

Hillary Clinton said, “I’ll tell you what I make of it, is that Fox and the sort of right-wing echo chamber has mastered Facebook, aided and abetted, might I say, by Facebook.” [Breitbart News 3/8/20]

Is she kidding!? Does this woman have any clue what it’s like to be a NON leftist on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social media run by hard-left Silicon Valley? Do Democrats or leftists routinely get shadow banned, blocked, suspended, blacklisted or shamed the way conservatives do?

Clinton is so out of touch. Like all leftists, she only talks to like-minded people. Lefties are the ones with the actual echo chamber. They are enabled to the hilt by the one-sided twits in these biased tech companies. Prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, they didn’t have to confront any dissension. Now they do on a daily basis, and it makes them literally crazy.



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