Stock Market Crash: Business — or Emotions?

So let’s see. The stock market is crashing (as of this morning). According to stock market experts, it’s because of two things. One, the price of oil going very low — which is actually GREAT news for consumers. Two, because the media and its elected officials (Democrats) have declared the end of the world at hand due to the flu, even though no evidence for the end of the world appears forthcoming, as of yet.

So it’s really emotions, as much or more than business. And it certainly has nothing to do with science or reality. And it’s a biased, hysterical media that unfortunately millions of people still choose to listen to. President Trump and — by association — capitalism will get ALL the blame. Yet it’s socialists, liars and partisan hacks causing most of the problem. Keep your critical, objective thinking caps on, people. You’re going to need them. [Photo: Fox Business]



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