Italy, Border Lockdowns for Coronavirus and Yet More Leftist Hypocrisy

ITALY: Prohibits Travel and Cancels all Public Events in its Northern Region to Contain Coronavirus, reads a headline. [Story here]

A reader asks:

Where is the left-wing outrage? Remember?? NO BORDERS!! NO WALL!!

Remember the thousands of migrants that arrived at the US-Mexico border in 2018? Imagine if 1-20 of them had at Covid-19? Would the left be screaming allow them in?

That’s a good point about the double standard of the leftists. They care about coronavirus insofar as how will it hurt President Trump or make him look bad. But if they were consistent, they’d never advocate border control to contain a legitimate health risk. If they were consistent with their other views about open borders and immediately putting all newcomers on government support, they should WANT sick people crossing the border, so that they may immediately put them on government health care and assistance, giving them more constituents and power.

It’s kind of like their position on Islam / gays-lesbians. They view Muslims as a victim group worthy of protection; they apologize for the most brutal of Muslim regimes, as in Iran, where gays and lesbians are oppressed and even murdered by the government. Yet they want to protect gays and lesbians. They try to have it both ways, but logically and factually you cannot. The inconsistency of closing up borders when it’s convenient makes sense to them, because they only talk in self-congratulatory ways to each other, and never read any dissenting sources to challenge their beliefs.


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