How to Unite America? Crush the Leftists

In his Town Hall the other night, President Trump several times pointed out that if attacked by Democrats, he’s “going to hit back”. He wasn’t defensive. Just clear.

This explains why Trump has something like 97 percent support among Republicans. Usually after 3-4 years in office, Republican presidents have badly disappointed their supporters. Reagan was the only exception, and that was decades ago.

President Trump’s greatest legacy may be teaching non-leftists how to stand up to a bully who hogs the microphone. That’s what leftists are: bullies. They dominate the culture. Their entire ideology — socialism, whether watered down, virtue-signaling socialism or the real deal — is based on coercion and compulsion. “We know best, you will do what we say, and you’re going to like it.” And if you DON’T like it — well, they’re taking away your guns and eventually your freedom of speech, because that’s what all tyrants do.

You don’t defeat bullies by appeasing them or meeting them halfway. Bullies only understand two things: coercion and intimidation. When you try to reason with them, they see you as weak, and they only threaten you more. Reasoning and middle grounds are for reasonable people — not people opposed to each other in principle. People who want liberty cannot reason with tyrants who wish to end their liberty. There’s no middle ground between leftists and the rest of us. The sooner we face that, the sooner we can truly defeat them.

Will America ever be united again? I don’t know. I do know that submission to tyranny (labeled “democratic socialism”) is not the answer. President Trump grasps this, like no other Republican in many decades. In that sense, we’re quite safe under his watch.

For America to unite again, leftists will have to stop being WRONG. They will, at a minimum, have to make a rational and persuasive case for 90 percent tax rates, socialized medicine, confiscation of guns and government takeovers of the Internet, the university system and the stock market.

Of course, there is no rational case for any of these things. So their only solution? Stop being wrong.


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