Mentally Unpacking Elizabeth Warren

Let’s review. Democrats and leftists have always said ALL Republicans are sexist, and NO Democrats are sexist.

Now Elizabeth Warren, a hard leftist, blames her crushing defeat on the sexism of Democrats — her fellow leftists!

At other times, leftists have also asserted that sexism, like racism, is part of your genetic makeup or psychological programming — so deep-rooted, you can’t change or alter it. Whites are racist by definition, and men are sexist by definition. That’s what colleges teach students. In psychology, philosophy and ethics, it’s called determinism. It goes back to Marx, if not earlier.

Yet how can all these things be true? To morally condemn someone as sexist implies that there is choice involved. But if no choice is involved, then how can you morally condemn someone?

It’s no wonder leftists act like they do. They are so riddled with impossible contradictions that it makes them crazy.

When people are twisted and contorted inside with wildly contradictory and impossibly crazy ideas and assumptions, there’s no way for them to resolve their messed up minds without a hard, honest and objective look at their thinking.

But leftists are, by and large, narcissists and tyrants. They see no need to look at their own thinking. It’s the thinking of OTHERS that’s wrong, according to them. They are perpetually morally outraged at others for not supporting, through facts, their incredibly erroneous thinking. They go through life — metaphorically speaking — demanding and insisting that a circle is a square. In reality, it won’t happen. You and I refuse to pretend a circle is a square. The more this happens, the more enraged, crazy and illogical they become.

Leftists will blame Trump, but it has nothing to do with Trump. It’s THEM. It will always be them.


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