Bill Clinton’s Predatory “Anxiety Management”: A Mental Health Professional’s View

Bill Clinton claims he had extramarital/predatory sex in order to “manage my anxieties”, resulting from the pressures of the presidency. Insert sigh here.

Since I’m a therapist, people are asking me: Is that plausible? Does one feel compelled to have predatory or extramarital sex in order to manage one’s anxiety?

Certainly. A serial killer murders people in order to manage his anxiety. A thief steals to manage his anxiety. Dishonest, corrupt people have a lot of anxiety, just like a lot of very good people suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is not limited to good people. When you’re at war with justice and reality, as bad people are by definition, then of course you’re subject to anxiety.

Clinton plainly hides behind a psychological excuse to avoid responsibility for his actions. Remember that he wasn’t just guilty of extramarital sex. That hardly matters, because he and Hillary clearly have a sham marraige, based on the pursuit of power more than any genuine commitment or emotion. These are hollow, really soulless people.

Clinton was also guilty of sexually predatory behavior. In other words, he imposed and pushed himself on women again and again. You can debate at what point this becomes rape. In politics, we have come to understand that it’s NEVER rape if it’s a leftist or Democratic politician, while it’s ABSOLUTELY rape if there’s so much as an accusation against a Republican one. Donald Trump is considered a rapist for admiring a woman’s body parts in a private conversation he didn’t realize was being taped; Bill Clinton is NOT considered a rapist even though there’s evidence he pushed himself on women again, and again, and again. I consider Bill Clinton’s behavior predatory morally and psychologically, regardless of the legal status.

The Clintons will go down in history as the power couple of excuses. In a healthier culture, they would not have gotten anywhere. They represent the attitudes of people who live their lives in similar ways. They root for the Clintons, because by letting them off the hook for everything to do, they kind of let themselves off the hook, too.

It’s the moral and psychological inversion of hero worship. With hero worship, you admire an objectively wonderful or beautiful achievement. “If he or she can achieve this great thing, then I can achieve MY goals and aspirations too.” Hero worship is motivating and uplifiting.

People who admire the Clintons are admiring them for their victimhood, all the while disregarding how they bring ALL of it on themselves. Why else would they admire the Clintons, when there are so many other people actually worth admiring?

I find it sickening. I thought we were done with the Clintons, but it seems we will never be done with them, not so long as they are alive. They will go to their graves, and probably even shout from their deathbeds, “It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t my fault.”

As a mental health professional, it sickens me even more to see such power-lusting hacks like the Clintons hide behind the curtain of “anxiety management” as a way to excuse the terrible things they have done — things more terrible than Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades, for sure.

The Clintons got away with murder, metaphorically and probably literally. And now we have to sit and listen to them on their therapy couches in old age. Hit delete now.



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