BRAND NEW PODCAST! … OK. So Just WHO will be the Mystery Nominee?

What’s the deal with calling Joe Biden the “moderate” Democrat? Biden was Obama’s VP, and Obama was the most left-wing/socialist/statist President in American history.

Have things gone so far left in the Democratic Party that you’re now a moderate if you’re not a Stalinist — and you don’t love Soviet Russia and Castro? This is beyond insane. Neither Joe Biden’s gaffes nor his apparent and real dementia threaten the country as much as the fact that the Democratic Party has, objectively speaking, gone over the cliff.

They simply can’t be serious.

Rob Arlett, Dr. Hurd’s co-host and Delaware campaign chair for Trump 2020, has a remarkable prediction over who the Democratic nominee for President will be … You’re not going to guess this one.

Who will save the Democratic Party as it prepares to go down in flames? More importantly: Will America save itself from the disaster of corruption and dictatorship these hapless leftists have in store for the land of freedom?

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