Bad People Are Usually Fearful People

Bad people are almost always afraid. They’re at war with reality; they’re irrational. By definition, those qualities go along with being bad, at least if the term is rationally defined.

It stands to reason that bad people are afraid, since being at war with objective reality is stressful and fear-inducing. Some bad people are more afraid than others, and some show their fear more visibly than others.

Most of the badness or evil you’ll encounter in regular life is laced with overt fear, too. Defensiveness and hostility betray an underlying fear.

But the worst sort of evil seems to show no fear, including no recognition of the war against facts, truth and reality he or she is constantly waging. Such extreme cases are sociopathic. Violent and fraudulent offenders are in this group.

THAT’S the kind of evil to avoid, or — when unavoidable — to combat, defeat and destroy.


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