Bloomberg-Clinton 2020 … Are They Kidding Us?

“Nevertheless, she persisted…
Drudge: Michael Bloomberg Considering Hillary Clinton as Running Mate” [Breitbart headline]

Doesn’t this presuppose that Bloomberg first runs in an actual primary and WINS one? Or are both he and Hillary above doing that?

Sanders vs. Bloomberg/Clinton. It’s the battle of the left-wing Communists vs. the left-wing fascists. Each will destroy America, using similar methods and for the same reasons.

The media is momentarily drooling over the prospect that Bloomberg & Clinton would crush Donald Trump. As usual, the delusional twits have not thought it out. Exactly what kinds of voters would Bloomberg-Clinton gain? Trump supporters aren’t budging. Hillary’s corruption is a major reason they support Trump. But many Bernie supporters would stay home in protest, if Bloomberg uses pull to get the Democratic nomination. Just like last time.

Or maybe Bloomberg and Clinton can run as independents. And split the Democratic coalition in half. Pelosi will support Bloomberg, and AOC types will support Sanders. Divided they fall. Hard to see how this hurts Trump.



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