The Equal Rights Amendment … It’s Back!?

Wow. I can’t believe the Equal Rights Amendment is back! [See the story here.] It’s just as much a socialist-Communist hack job on liberty as it was back in the 1970s. It will enrich attorneys, who will sue whenever a woman makes less than a man. It betrays a total indifference for markets. Markets — based on supply and demand, determined by real people, you and I (male AND female) — set the value of a particular job. If women, as a group, enter job markets that pay less than jobs for men as a group, then women — as a group — should make different choices. They should enter more high-paying markets. That’s exactly what has been happening for the five decades since the ERA was first introduced and rejected. The ERA is a throwback. It reveals how the Communist/Stalinist/totalitarian wing of the once “liberal” Democratic Party is now in full control. Be afraid America — should this mentality ever rise to power more than it already has.

Here’s what a female reader of mine wrote on the news of resurgence of the ERA:

“Shut up and sit down, you ungrateful ignoramus. I make exactly what my male co-workers make in a career that pays more than what 95% of American men earn. Ooh, help, help, I’m being repressed. It’s called making choices and prioritizing financial independence over the things most women pick to focus on. This country offers women more freedom and self-direction than any other country in history. If you’re not taking advantage of that it’s your fault, not the Constitution’s.”



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