Imploding Democrats

Democrats are imploding. They’re about to nominate a Communist to lead them. Many talk openly of another impeachment of President Trump–and another one, after that. Here’s the problem with leftists: They only talk to each other. And they only absorb media pre-fabricated to suit their biases. Yes, the same is true of many non-leftists. But there’s a difference: We non-leftists HAVE to hear the big mouths on the other side. They are the media, academia, schoolteachers, sports stars, corporate leaders, talk show hosts, rock stars and movie stars. WE CAN IGNORE THEM BUT WE CANNOT ESCAPE THEM. Leftists, on the other hand, can escape us. Except on Election Day, and whenever President Trump opens his mouth. This is why they’re going bonkers. They were never prepared for any of this. They had no idea that literally millions of their fellow citizens do not think like them. And never will.



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