Is America Having a Second “Red Decade”?

It’s really fascinating. For decades, anti-socialists worried about socialism coming to America. But they worried about it coming because of a major economic downturn. The 1930s was labeled the “Red Decade”. American Communists flirted with the idea of economic central planning and collectivism. Why? Because the Great Depression ruined the American economy (at least temporarily). FDR was thought to have “saved” capitalism by stopping short of imposing all out socialism, which might have happened under a less “moderate” Democratic president — like, say, a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

Yet here we are in 2020. Although entitlements, the national debt and out-of-control government spending remain totally untouched, America’s economy otherwise thrives as perhaps never before. Unemployment has gone to record lows, particularly for racial minority groups, perhaps suggesting an eventual end to the permanent welfare state. Everyone is prospering, more and more. Even though some don’t care for President Trump’s personal style, more and more are forced to concede that his policies of tax cuts and significant deregulation have been good for life in America.

So why is socialism on the rise NOW? At least in the Democratic Party? The question is not whether the Democrats will nominate a socialist. The question is only WHICH socialist. Bernie Sanders would be the perfect choice, because he’s the real deal. And he has been at it the longest.

Why now? Because those on the Democratic side realize they have to go for broke. It’s either socialism — or nothing. Because if capitalism (even hampered capitalism) continues to deliver the goods as never before, it will probably be the end of the never-ending leftist movement for economic control.

So leftists have decided it’s time to go for everything.

Not just economic control, although plenty of that. I’m reading that Sanders doesn’t only want totally socialized medicine and free college. He wants nationalization of the entire electrical grid and, of course, the Internet. No more private sector — not even a regulated, hampered or quasi-private sector. And he makes it clear he will not wait for Congress. He will accomplish it all by executive order. Not just these kinds of measures. But the effectual end of the First and Second Amendments, too. We might be a single election away from losing it all. Forever.

America has never been in more danger of becoming a Communist country. I mean literally Communist. Sanders and Warren have both made it clear they want to control speech, especially on the Internet. Leftists like Twitter and Facebook can be counted on to gladly hand authority over, because they’re on the side of Sanders, Warren and the rest of them. And like any dictatorship, they intend to seize everyone’s guns. Whether executive orders will be a match for what follows when millions of Americans refuse to hand those guns over remains to be seen. Keep an eye on Virginia.

America is closer to becoming a socialist, Communist country than ever in its history. That includes probably even the 1930s. Yet it’s one of the most economically prosperous times our country has ever experienced.

In so many ways, life has never been better. Yet our zealous leftist socialist fascist Communist minority seeks to end it all. You can literally see the hatred and contempt for freedom on their faces, such as Nancy Pelosi ripping up the speech of the President of the United States in front of the entire planet.

Who could have predicted this?


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