Democrats Demand Censorship of Pelosi’s Infamous Speech-Ripping

Democrats demand that President Trump remove the satirical video he posted of Nancy Pelosi ripping up his speech. The video is satire, but the behavior — the ripping up of his speech in front of the entire world — actually happened, as we all know. [Daily Wire story here]

Unbelievable. But then again … maybe not.

If it’s true that Democrats are dictators, then why be surprised when they act like dictators?

Dictators don’t just censor other people. They censor their OWN actions — when they find their own actions (or the actions of their comrades) embarrassing.

The Democratic leftist demand that Twitter censor Pelosi’s ripping up of President Trump’s SOTU speech reveals two things at once.

One, they are embarrassed by Pelosi’s actions. They don’t think Pelosi was right to do it, and they want any evidence of the fact erased forever.

Two, leftists feel entitled to demand Twitter do whatever they want. They’re already acting like we’re in a dictatorship, and that the Democrats are in charge. This means calling the shots at Twitter. Knowing Twitter, they will probably succumb, because leftist corporate America (especially social media) really wants the Democrats in charge of everything.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. If we end up with a dictatorship run by leftist-socialist-fascists in a few more years, we will know the warnings were already right in front of us. Not unlike the years leading up to the establishment of the Nazi state in Germany.

Today’s leftists are just as bad as the Nazis. They tolerate and approve of calls for gulags and nationalization of private industry, including the Internet — by their current front runner, Bernie Sanders. Leftist Democrats are ALL the things they accuse liberty-loving patriots of being.

Face it, and fight it now — or pay the consequences later. Unless you want a dictatorship run by leftist Democrats, you had better step up now.


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