All Property is Theft — Say the Stealing Marxists

“All property is theft”. It has been the call to arms of Marxists and socialists for centuries. AOC thinks she’s unbelievably cool, and something new — but the concept is as old as the hills.

Property isn’t theft UNLESS you stole something. Marxists call it an act of theft merely to have more than another person — or to have what they consider “too much”.

But property is based on what you earn, not on what someone else FEELS or believes is or isn’t fair.

If you persuade enough people, without force or fraud, to buy your goods or services, then you EARNED whatever you get through that persuasion. It doesn’t matter whether you earn one dollar or a trillion dollars. Earned is earned. Morally it’s yours — and legally, it should be.

The twisted and distorted thinking underlying socialism is horrendous. This thinking causes so much suffering, including in mentally troubled people, many of whom are riddled with envy and hopelessness. Socialism is truly evil because once believed, and then enacted, it will lead to the enslavement of everyone, particularly the most capable. Because under socialism, the MORE capability you have and exhibit, the more you are punished. America as we know it will not be recognizable under socialism. Even the snowflakes would scream for a return to the past, although they’ll remain too ignorant to know why they’re screaming.

Marxists like Bernie Sanders and AOC will have you believe that stealing is wrong. They mix up stealing with earning, like I said. But then when they STEAL trillions of dollars from the greatest free market economy mankind has ever devised, you’re supposed to be OK with it. In fact, you’re supposed to applaud their theft. And the starvation, stagnation and despair that always follows. None of which will affect them, by the way. Because socialist rulers take care of their own. And they take care of themselves. They’re fine with property — so long as its theirs.

Socialism is so monstrous, so hypocritical, so self-refuting, so irrational and so indescribably evil an attitude that it has to be fought with everything you have. This isn’t a battle simply for ideology or other people’s well-being. It your own personal liberty most of all. And the liberty of your loved ones, like your children. It has nothing to do with how much you own or whether you care to own anything at all. It’s about your liberty and freedom. The stakes have never been higher in this country, and the fate of the entire world — as usual — will depend on what we, American voters, do with our freedom. We’re the last remaining firewall.

It’s way bigger than Donald Trump, love him or hate him. It’s about Communism/Marxism/socialism versus the only viable alternative. We’re the generation that will either get it right, or lose it for everyone forever.


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