The Myth of Mitt Romney’s “Torment”

I read yesterday that someone who voted for Buttigieg demanded his vote back when he found out the candidate is gay. I want MY vote back for Mitt Romney in 2012. He’s a traitor to everything he claimed to stand for and never believed for one second. I would also say he’s a traitor to himself. But to have a self, you must first have integrity, and this career politician is lower than any of them. And that’s really saying something. Who the hell cares about him?

In an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, Wallace claimed Mitt Romney went through “real torment” in weighing his decision to convict President Trump in the impeachment trial.

I find this hilarious. Mitt Romney is a hollow, totally unprincipled man. We already knew that. People like him don’t experience “torment”. They experience anxiety. Usually, the anxiety arises from a profound dread that the “cool kids” won’t like you. Romney took care of that by voting to remove President Trump from office. He might lose his U.S. Senate seat in Utah over this, but his future home as yet another commentator/Swamp creature at CNN, MSNBC or ABC News is forever secure. Chris Wallace is a naive sycophant to fall for Romney’s disgusting act. Insert gag here.



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