Iowa Caucus, Snowflake Style!

“Caucus Chaos”: Team Trump mocks, confused candidates fume as Iowa Democrat Party botches 2020 kickoff. [Fox News]

These are the people who want command-and-control over all of health care, college education, the military, guns and the Internet. They possess the hubris and arrogance to assume they can rule every moment of our lives … yet they can’t even count the votes in their own caucus.

Pitiful. But not in the least bit surprising. The most pitiful part? That there’s anyone left who supports this American Communist movement.

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton and her henchpersons. They were shady, evil and even bloodthirsty. They would seize power at any cost and tell any lie to win. But they knew how to get the trains running on time. The newer Sanders-Warren-Buttigieg-Biden version of the totalitarian leftist movement can’t even do that much.

Heaven help us all if ANYONE on their side wins ANYTHING.


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