London’s Mayor is Still a Problem

The Islamic State claimed responsibility Monday for a terror attack on a London street that left three people injured and the knife-wielding attacker shot dead by police.

Sudesh Amman, 20, had a fake bomb strapped to his chest when he stabbed two people Sunday in the south London neighborhood of Streatham, police said. Amman had been released from prison days earlier after serving about half of a three-year sentence for promoting terrorism. []


We hear — relentlessly — how criticism of terrorists and their religious beliefs only causes more terrorism. Interestingly, events like this are unusual compared to a few years ago. When Obama was in office, religiously inspired terrorist attacks were regular, sometimes even weekly. They hit America too, as in the Orlando disco shooting.

If the experts were right, then terrorist attacks like this would be routine with President Trump in office, since Donald Trump has no hesitation in calling terrorists by their real name; and he never blames Americans for bringing it on ourselves. Yet that never happened.

London still has a mayor a lot like Obama. “It’s white man’s fault. It’s capitalism’s fault. It’s the fault of anyone who doesn’t support, tolerate or condone everything” about his religion. That’s his all-but-explicit mindset. He preaches and scolds, blaming the victims, the precise opposite of President Trump’s attitude and strategy. And London still suffers.

Here’s a thought. Maybe by trying to appease violent people, you make them worse. Because they’re thugs, and when thugs sense weakness, they attack you more. When you stand up to them, they don’t necessarily change, but they usually back down.

There comes a point where you have to blame the people of London. If Americans kept electing Presidents like Obama — who routinely told us, “Americans, you’re a bunch of intolerant racists, so you kind of deserve this” — then Americans would, at that point, deserve what they’re getting. The same goes for Londoners. Their mayor is ruining their city and incrementally handing it over to terrorist thugs. He smugly hides behind his weakness, masking it as moral superiority — just as Obama did — but he’s exactly the same. And he’s still getting the same results as Obama did: More violence.

The U.K. as a whole just elected a very conservative prime minister. The U.K. is drenched in political correctness, so that might or might not turn out to mean much. But the continuing mayor of London is implicitly responsible for the continuation of violence. Why? Because he supports the victimizers and blames the victims. He will deny it, but he does.

Terrorists are listening. And you can always count on them to respond accordingly.


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