Who Will Democrats Blame for Incompetence Once They Rule?

“Beleaguered Democrats blame computer glitch for Iowa Caucus fiasco, plan announcement but no results yet” reads a headline a day after the conclusion of the Iowa caucus.

This is what Communism looks like, you ignorant snowflakes.

I can see the headlines of the future now:

“Beleaguered Dems blame computer glitch for accidental loss of 10,000 lives due to treatment mix-up in the national Medicare system.”

“Beleaguered Dems blame computer glitch for incorrect student loan bills sent to 30,000 with forgiven debt, resulting in house and car repossessions.”

“Beleaguered Dems blame computer glitch for accidental launch of missile over Mexico, with hundreds of thousands dead.”
Somebody needs to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged…quickly!



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