If You Believe China on Coronavirus, then You’re a Fool

Chinese state propaganda outlet Global Times reported that during a press conference in Geneva on Wednesday, Tedros [the head of the World Health Organization] praised China for the “extraordinary steps it has taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.” [Breitbart News story]

Good grief. It’s hard enough to trust our OWN government. But the United States, despite a terribly biased media, does have freedom of speech. And Americans tend to be naturally skeptical. China has no free speech. We get our information about coronavirus from the Chinese government AND its state propaganda outlet, the Global Times. So how on earth can our scientists and health experts determine what’s going on with coronavirus? They need facts. Science and medicine desperately need facts … at all times. Dictatorships don’t provide facts.

Imagine if we didn’t have freedom of speech in America. Let’s say the only news outlet was CNN. Or MSNBC. Nobody is allowed to compete with them. Breitbart and Fox News officials would be put in jail. It doesn’t take long to imagine what kind of anti-reality nonsense you’d be getting labeled as “news”.

News refers to facts. Dictatorships refer to control. In any conflict between facts and control, under a dictatorship control will always win. Remember that on voting day. And remember that before deciding to trust anyone’s advice on coronavirus if that same source actually believes the Chinese government.


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