John Roberts: Worse than Useless — for Republicans, for the Constitution

What is the point of having a Republican President — like George W. Bush — when he appoints a Supreme Court Chief Justice like John Roberts?

John Roberts gave us Obamacare. He never offered a coherent reason why it was Constitutional to force citizens to buy a product against their will. It took President Trump to get rid of the mandate, if only temporarily through executive order.

Now the same John Roberts has established the principle that you can say anything you want — even a lie — without any obligation to prove it, and without any consequences to yourself, whatsoever. You can even bring down a President, so long as you label yourself a “whistle blower”. Of course, as with all such batty “principles”, they only apply to the disadvantage of Republicans and to the advantage of leftists and Democrats.

THIS from a conservative Republican Chief Justice. John Roberts is not principled. He’s on the other side. He’s on the side of the people who don’t just hate President Trump, but our entire Bill of Rights and the very concept of freedom itself. Sad, but not surprising.

From the article:

“The whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Zaid, openly admitted back in 2017 that a ‘coup’ had started against the president from within the administration, and that CNN’s coverage would play a ‘key role’ in the effort. He also openly solicited intelligence community members to help impeach and ‘get rid’ of Trump, years before Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader that triggered the current impeachment proceedings. Additionally, Zaid acknowledged that the whistleblower had contact with a prominent Democratic presidential contender, amid reporters that he had served closely with Joe Biden when he was vice president.”


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