The Swamp and the Deep State Never Had to Be

“The Swamp” and the Deep State are not the result of a planned-out conspiracy by a few evil masterminds. The Swamp is what happens when a government grows too big. The United States was created as the opposite extreme of a socialist state. It was formed to be a strictly limited government. Most government functions were left to the states, outside of the obvious need for national defense and (yes) border enforcement. The Bill of Rights — the right to freedom of speech, the right to own weapons and (later) the end of involuntary servitude — was in place to keep the states in line.

Corruption in any government, even a good one, is always a possibility. But we wouldn’t have the Swamp or the Deep State under a limited government. Corruption would be the exception, not the norm. Government has to grow to get to a point where people like James Comey, Hunter and Joe Biden, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton flourish — much less matter. The truly rotten people who tried to overturn a presidential election never should have been in power, and never would have been in power if we hadn’t let our government grow so much.

Somewhere along the way, millions of Americans decided they wanted massive programs for retirement, health care and education. They wanted a federal bureaucracy to control the currency and finances, resulting in our never-ending boom-bust cycles. The Deep State is what we got. Today, millions more want to finish the job and totally socialize everything. Have you read what Bernie Sanders plans to do if elected? Essentially to nationalize all of private industry by executive order. Elizabeth Warren is not much different. Each promises to disregard the First and Second Amendments with gun bans and freedom of speech bans, as they consider all dissenting speech critical of them “lies”. If you think the Swamp was bad, just wait until someone like Warren or Sanders wins. It can happen any time, because millions of Americans are either too ignorant or, sadly, too malevolent to think otherwise.

The most lasting way to “drain the Swamp” and eliminate the Deep State? The only answer we ever had, or ever will have: massively reduce the size, scope and cost of government. When the debt and deficit are at zero, and most of what the federal government does returns to the states or (better yet) the private sector, then all will be well.


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