Wrong, AOC: America IS a Private Club!

New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has condemned a Supreme Court decision that allows the Trump Administration to pursue its policy of making it more difficult for immigrants to gain legal status if they access public assistance.

“This is shameful. America shouldn’t have a wealth test for admission. It’s a place where millions of people are descendants of immigrants who came with nothing & made a life,” she tweeted.

“The American Dream isn’t a private club with a cover charge – it’s the possibility of remaking your future.”

So what she’s really saying: It’s not enough to let immigrants into the country to pursue their dreams. The people who already live in our country are obliged to support them.

Where’s the justice in THAT?

She says America is not the equivalent of a “private club”. It’s not? Does that mean everyone’s property belongs to everyone else? That everyone’s property — and bodies, minds and lives — belong to the state? That’s slavery. That’s totalitarianism.

AOC and her fellow socialists won’t address that question. Instead, they pretend that all Americans’ property and lives are PUBLIC property. If an immigrant doesn’t get access to that publicly owned property — since the financing of welfare programs is NOT optional — then it’s like being denied your right to life. But what about the rights of the people being forced to provide?

Socialists love to scream, “You’re mean!” But they never have to defend the niceness — or the justice — of forcing some to pay the way of others.

Plus, what does it do to AOC’s beloved welfare-dependent immigrants when you hook them on food stamps, health care, etc. from the moment they arrive? These benefits mean a lot to them, because they have nothing when they get here. Consequently, it totally takes away any incentive to survive, because that survival is already guaranteed. How is that any better for a newly arrived immigrant than it is for the millions of citizens already hooked on these programs — generation after generation — in America’s awful slums? How is it any different from the countries the immigrants are fleeing — all of which have some form of socialist programs that have left everyone poor?

No answer is given because the question is never asked by our socialist media, college professors, high school teachers or our lecturing sports and entertainment celebrities.

AOC and her fellow socialists get to say, “Trump’s mean! You’re mean” and you’re supposed to bow your head in guilt and shame.

Why? Merely because you don’t want to be forced to support a destructive, toxic and loathsome bureaucracy based on the involuntary servitude of wealth distribution.

Slavery is wrong, AOC. YOU are the one who must go on the defensive.

I am SICK of you, and sick of your evil, tired ideology. So are millions of others. And we are growing in number by the day.


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