Impeachment: So Much Bigger Than Most of Us Realize

“President Trump is eager to show off a big policy win during his impeachment trial by signing into law a major rewrite of the rules of trade with Canada and Mexico.” [Fox Business]

It’s rare for a President to be impeached. It has only happened twice before. However, it’s unprecedented in American history for a President to be accomplishing so much even in the midst of an impeachment trial where the Senate will vote on removing him from office. It shows how dysfunctional and divided our country truly is. Visitors arriving from another planet, having studied American history on the journey here, would be stunned. “What’s wrong with these people? They create the greatest economy and most noble experiment in all of human history. And now they want to ruin it. On top of it, the major opposition is preparing to nominate a Communist — the very ideology that America brought to its knees only several decades earlier”.

Ignorance and apathy have finally come home to roost. Decades of bad schools and a mediocre culture where we let low IQ movie and rock stars do our thinking for us were never sustainable. Incredibly, America — throughout its history — has survived so much. The British Crown in 1776, then the South’s secession in 1861, the abolishing of slavery, and later the Nazis, the Japanese and the Communist Cold War. America triumphed in every single case. So many villains this country defeated. Only now to go down to Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? Or to have it all end with Joe Biden? Say it isn’t so.

The impeachment, while big on its own, is so much bigger than many of us realize. American liberty truly hangs in the balance. You can go back to your smart phone and your daily activities, but your freedom matters … whether you think so, or not.


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