Alan Dershowitz: Democrat or Not, a Rare Voice of Reason

Some of my fellow Trump supporters claim Alan Dershowitz’s speech against impeachment is undermined by his support of Democratic policies.

I say just the opposite. The fact that Alan Dershowitz does not support President Trump’s policies, and yet can still recognize the utterly unconstitutional and arbitrary nature of the impeachment articles, gives him credibility even beyond his impressive, decades-old legal resume.

Although the legal specifics are more complex, Dershowitz essentially argues that you can’t make up, exaggerate or distort facts in order to get your desired outcome — in this case, a conviction of President Trump. It doesn’t work that way in court, and it doesn’t work that way in an impeachment trial, either. Why? Because EMOTIONS are not how we get to objective truth.

There is one thing even worse than Democrats’ policies: allowing emotions to overrule our objectivity. Allowing hatred of President Trump to override our rationality, our freedom and our only means of discovering knowledge: reason and objectivity.

Once reason and objectivity are destroyed, then it’s all over for freedom. In fact, the destruction of reason is what’s required in order to “convince” Americans that the leftist, socialist Democratic Party policies are in our interest. Have you met a dumb snowflake who thinks 90 percent tax rates and socialized medicine aren’t socialism? And that outlawing fossil fuels will NOT terminate civilization and human survival as we know it? Then you know what I mean.

Alan Dershowitz isn’t just defending President Trump. He’s defending what Ayn Rand correctly called our only tool of survival: Reason.

America was a nation built on human reason and, as a consequence, individual rights and liberty. Centuries of pro-reason, essentially Western concepts placed truth, facts and objective justice above the savagery of unfettered emotions. This impeachment process, even without President Trump’s removal from office, has destroyed so much of what’s required for civilization to function. It’s truly unforgivable, and perhaps we will not fully recover.

We should take a moment and thank those who buck these horrendous trends. Alan Dershowitz most certainly qualifies.

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