“Trump Broke the Law” … Blah, Blah, Blah

“GAO says Trump administration broke law by withholding Ukraine aid”…blah, blah, blah. Here we go again. [Story here]

Here we go again. The Democrats mean what they say, just like President Trump means what he says. The difference: Democrats mean to unravel our republic through a policy of divide and conquer, and through never, ever letting an election result they dislike stand.

President Trump simply wants the economy to be vibrant and the military to be strong in case our freedom needs defending. Big difference.

That’s what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said impeachment will, quite literally, go on forever. It’s a new precedent. Any elected official that Democrats dislike will be attacked and disparaged until he or she goes away. Zero tolerance for dissension.

Laws today are non-objective. This means they’re subject to interpretation. They’re deliberately designed that way. This way, when a favored President — like Obama — breaks a law, it can be ignored. Obama did far, far worse things than President Trump even allegedly did. But when a non-favored President — like Trump, or any Republican, believe me — seems to break a law, it’s a big “gotcha”.

Interestingly, the “gotchas” have not stuck with this Republican President, because neither he nor his supporters buy the whole charade any longer. (Many of us stopped buying it twenty years ago or more.) It’s solely the Democratic media, the Democratic Congress, the Democratic culture and the Democratic corporate world buying all this crap. They may count for a lot, but not for everything.

In the end, it was always supposed to be the people, not the powerful — right?

That’s where we are.


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