New Podcast! The Iranian People vs. the Democrats

The media, loud-mouthed celebrities/sports stars and compliant corporate leftists talk ENDLESSLY about how the United States has “victimized” the Iranian regime by killing its worst terrorist. The Democratic Party, from Nancy Pelosi on down, is steadfast and unyielding in its support of the Iranian regime and its opposition to punishing murderers and dictators.

Left totally unacknowledged in all this? The Iranian people … the good ones, the ones who want this dictatorship overthrown. The ones prevented from doing so by President Obama ten years ago.

Take a listen here:

The Iranian People vs. the Democrats

Dr. Hurd is joined by his colleagues, Rob Arlett, Delaware State Chairman for 2020: Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., and a mystery anonymous co-host, “The Grape Enabler”, who will now join our team for spirited discussions and insights!


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