America’s Impending Divorce?

I know, from years of being a therapist, what the end of a marriage looks like. The spouses stop listening to each other. Respect is gone. Once respect is gone, there’s rarely any hope for restoring it.

Look at this picture of Chuck Schumer. He’s a horrible person. I would no sooner listen to him than to the devil himself. Ditto for any of these other Democrats. And the same goes for their lopsided, hopelessly biased “news” media.

Reading the latest on impeachment reminded me it can happen to a country, too. I don’t listen to what the leftists and their media say. It’s all either fake, or based on faulty premises — like “climate change”, socialism, and the like. A Democrat is discovered to have committed a crime — like Hunter or Joe Biden — and Trump gets blamed. What any of them say simply doesn’t matter. And I know the leftists feel the same way. So how do you regain any degree of mutual respect? I don’t think you can.

We have irreconcilable differences here. Capitalism and socialism are two opposite things. Democrats have been inching toward socialism for decades. Now they have reached the end point where complete socialism is all that’s left. It’s more than socialism. It’s confiscation of guns. It’s laws and codes against “hate speech”, which means any dissenting speech they dislike. It’s outlawing fossil fuels in 10 years, which means literally returning us to the horse-and-buggy or stone age. And it’s the moral defense of our most mortal enemies. Arming and defending Iran would be like helping Hitler build his concentration camps and march his troops into Poland, France and Britain, prior to the start of WW II. Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are literally out of their minds; or they’re outright traitors. Take your pick. How on earth can anyone remotely rational respect any of this? And how can we respect anyone who supports it?

Leftists will say the same, only in reverse. They’ll phrase it with terms like “racism”, but the point is the same: “You have nothing worthwhile to say and I will no longer listen to you”.

How do you reconcile freedom and totalitarianism? How do you reconcile the irreconcilable?

That’s how you know a marriage is over. I wonder what it means when it happens to a country.


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