The Undiluted Hatred of anti-Trumpers

More and more and more reports of anti-Trump people harassing Trump supporters in MAGA hats, and the like. [see some examples here]

There are always crazies. But why are there so MANY on the anti-Trump side? The attacks have common themes. These include unregulated emotions, rage, hostility, and a compulsion to draw in others to gang up on the Trump supporting victim. It’s a mob mentality, devoid of reason and brimming over with undiluted hatred.

The triggered anti-Trump people always shriek “racism”, yet support of the President has nothing to do with race and everything to do with things like lower taxes, deregulation, a strong defense, economic growth and enforcement of border security. It’s all getting old. What will the day after Election 2020 be like in the event Trump wins? Seriously. Has anyone else considered this?

Leftists and Democrats: If you have a case for socialism, make it. Prove it. If you don’t consider gun confiscation, laws regulating politically incorrect speech, massive wealth redistribution, the outlawing of fossil fuels and open endorsement of terrorist nations a problem, then persuade us. Because your screams, tantrums, threats, hateful glares and crying episodes ARE NOT WORKING.


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