Of Course AOC is a Deadbeat

“Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has drawn continued scorn from her own party as she reportedly refuses to pay party dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and is instead redirecting those funds to other far-left candidates like herself.” [from The Daily Wire]

Oh, it makes total logical (and psychological) sense. She’s a deadbeat. She’s a big mouth parasite with disproportionate influence in a political movement of deadbeats. Socialism is for deadbeats. The productive, the competent and the honorable have NOTHING to gain from socialism and everything to lose. Only parasites and moochers stand to gain anything from socialism. So why wouldn’t a leader of that movement act this way?

It’s a variation on the theme that there’s no honor among thieves or criminals. It’s the same with moochers. If you’re a moocher counting on others to pay your way in life, then AOC is what you get. As for her fellow Democrats left with the tab: They deserve her.

A reader points out on a Facebook thread with my article: “She’s fundraising, not giving money to the Democratic pool, and funding candidates to primary out the democratic old guard. She’s playing with Fire.”

My reply:

She’s like other snowflakes. She has no rational anxiety. It doesn’t occur to her that her feelings and her emotional will — all by themselves — cannot deliver everything she wants. And the fools who elected her (and no doubt will reelect her) have enabled her delusion. The only thing that can bring the whole delusion down? People like her getting control of everything. Then we’ll become Venezuela, and, being the snowflake she is, it’s hard to imagine she would survive that scenario very long.


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