Now Iranians Hate the Iranian Regime Too

“Crowds that appeared to number well into the thousands took to the streets of Tehran on Saturday night to protest and demand that Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei resign after his Islamic government falsely told the citizens of Iran and the rest of the world that it was not responsible for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane this week that killed 176 people.” [The Daily Wire]

Wow. It sounds like the Iranian people love and trust their government LESS than America’s media, professors, Hollywood celebrities and corporate heads do. Michael Moore and Ilhan Omar adore Iran; so do Nancy Pelosi and most of the hosts on The View, as well as Colin Kaepernick. But the Iranian people… maybe not so much.

Trump supporters and conservatives mistrust the Iranian government. So do the people of Iran, it looks like. What will Democratic leftists do now? Call the Iranian people racist? When Trump supporters applaud an attack on Iran, they are villified by the American leftist establishment. Will the people of Iran be condemned too, for daring to question the government Democrats love so much?

What happens if the Iranian people decide to overthrow their government? What will leftists do then? Oh, we already know. They’ll demand that the Trump administration do what the Obama administration did years ago — side with the dictatorship. The mullahs could always count on Obama.

The horrifying thing about the leftist endorsement of the Iranian regime is that these terrorist tyrants do NOTHING for America. Over the years, America has reluctantly supported less-than-savory regimes. The best example today, other than China, is Saudi Arabia. Reasonable people — the ones who still exist — can debate whether or not it’s in America’s interest to support such regimes and do business with them.

But Iran offers nothing. It’s a miserable, totalitarian religious dictatorship. Economically, it’s collapsing. Even without our sanctions, it could not thrive because it’s not a free market economy, not even close. It’s not even a military threat (yet), as we found out, although it remains the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. There’s something for everybody to hate and oppose about the Iranian mullahs. You’d think social liberals in particular would be against them — since, after all, they stand for nothing close to equal rights for women, gays and the like. And they’re certainly not tolerant of any religion other than their own.

We can only assume that hard left Democrats — now the mainstream of that party — detest and despise America SO much that they will stand behind anyone who has an equal hatred of America.

That’s disturbing, to say the least.

The Democratic leftist hatred of America is more irrational than even the hatred of America by the Iranian regime. At least the Iranian fundamentalists stay in Iran. Democrats keep wanting to live in America, destroying and dividing it from within.

Why don’t Iran-lovers all just move to Iran? I would voluntarily and happily pay to ship them there … and keep them there.



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