Inside Pelosi’s Dark, Twisted Mind

Everyone wants to know why Nancy Pelosi is holding the articles of impeachment. It seems so irrational, even for her. I don’t think it’s hard to explain. It’s the psychology of power for its own sake. That’s what her brand of leftism, fascism, Communism, welfare state politics and, yes, George Soros-ism is all about. It’s just power.

You’ve heard the phrase, “follow the money”. These power loving Communists love money; there’s no doubt about it. But they love power even more.

I believe Pelosi is doing this because SHE CAN. She gets off on it. It’s her way of proving that she can be what she claims President Donald Trump is. “If he gets to be a power grubbing narcissist, I can be too”.

But Trump really loves the country, unlike Pelosi. We can be certain Trump loves the country, because he and his family go through what the rest of us would consider sheer hell when he has no need to do so. Even if you insist that Trump is a narcissist, a narcissist craves attention. A narcissist gets a sense of power from visibility. He had plenty of that before–and most of the establishment loved him, back then. Now the entire establishment hates him, and possibly wants him dead. Trump has power now, but not power that he needed, whether from a rational or neurotic point-of-view.

I won’t deny that Pelosi possibly has some kind of strategy here. But people who specialize in analyzing strategy — even her own fellow Democrats — don’t seem to know what it is. My answer is like “follow the money”. In Pelosi’s case, it’s “follow the power”. It’s all she lives for.

That’s why, although she’s famous and powerful for now, she’s actually inside a very dark, twisted and miserable soul. You don’t want to be Nancy Pelosi. If you’re religious, maybe you should pray for her, like she claims to pray for President Trump.

Her legacy won’t matter. If America survives and rises again — as it has so often before — then rational history will record her as a true, corrupt villain. If America goes down, she will have been one of the key players in the fall of our republic. Either way, she has no legacy … other than a dark one.

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